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Project Overview

Women's Cultural Leadership Program is a collaboration project of Studio of Her Own in Jerusalem and Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center/ the project aims to empower female artists from Israeli and Palestinian
communities, living in the mixed cities of Jerusalem, Lod and Haifa. All participating artists are graduates of art academies, facing difficulties receiving recognition both in the professional Israeli art scene and in their
home communities. The program comprises of meetings with tow Facilitators Jewish and Arab, artistic guidance, exhibitions, and builds up its participants as cultural agents.
As women, we share more similarities than differences. Our traditional affiliation, conservative lifestyles, dress codes, and family structure, create common ground for communication with Jewish Christian and Muslim peers.
Our Leadership Program has two main goals:
1. Empower our participants (Jewish and Arab) as professional female artists.
2. Strengthen our participants as leaders in their communities, broadening
their civic participation and influence.

Artists: Marah Zoubi, Wadia Ka’abiya, Linda Taha, Amira Fode, Tamar Tzadok, Ruth Kestenbaum Ben- Dov, Tal Michaelis, Shlomit Etgar, Nasreen Fahmawe, Lamis Shahout, Yael Serlin, Bat El Elfasi, Shulamit Etsion, Nasrin Abu Baker, Ayelet Dora Saperia ,Hala Abu Kishek, Dana Bitew Yoseph, Moriah Eder Plaksin, Lea Laukstein, Amira Kasim Ziyan, Anat Rozenson Ben-hur, Shany Abramovich

Curators: Hadas Glazer and Yael Messer

Group Facilitators: Nawal Abu Essa, Sarki Golani and Raya Bruckenthal


The exhibition is organized as part of the Women Cultural Leadership program, initiated by Yeala Hazut Yanuka and Zipi Mizrachi

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