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 I’m an experienced curator who has an in-depth understanding of the art world. My mission is to expand the circles of influence of Contemporary Art, in order to reach wider audiences and make the art more accessible to everyone.

My curatorial projects are both independent and institutional. I work as the gallery curator at Livak Contemporary in Tel Aviv, while also pursuing other curatorial projects, both on my own and collaboratively.  The institutions and companies I have worked for over the years include A Studio of Her Own, Jerusalem Artist Studios, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Jerusalem Municipality, Heinrich Böll Foundation, TLV Partners VC, Manofim Festival, Be Free Israel and more.

What I do

I'm particularly interested in art with a social theme, and aspire in my work to expand the discourse on issues like trauma and healing, identity, place, and memory.

I have worked with numerous artists, both established and emerging, guiding them through their artistic projects as well as helping them with practical matters such as pricing and promotion.

I specialize in creating bespoke contemporary art exhibitions and art events for institutions like foundations, companies and nonprofits with a social agenda, helping them shape and convey their messages through visual art.

photo credit: Youval Hai

Photo: Youval Hai


  • BA in Photography & Communications with honors from Hadassah College

  • MA in Theory and Policy of the Arts from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design

  • Diploma in Curatorial and Museum studies from Bezalel Academy and the Israel Museum

The Sweet Water Canal by Hili Greenfeld, installation view. Photo: Noam Priesman

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