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Project Overview

Resisim was an NGO founded in 2014 to create safe public spaces where the experiences of battle and combat can be processed and shared. This enabled the legitimization of a socio-cultural discourse on PTSD among IDF veterans. In 2021 Resisim was merged with NATA"L (, Israel’s most prominent PTSD treatment center serving 400K veterans and victims of terror.
Using a custom curated Israel Remembrance Day ceremony, Resism empowered veterans to tell their army stories publicly for the first time. To date, more than 10,000 people participated in Resisim's activities. This included more than 500 veteran volunteers who created ceremonies and thousands of listeners and concerned citizens. During the pandemic and the years following, the ceremony was broadcasted over the internet, reaching ten of thousands of new veterans and a wider Israel-based and sometimes even global population.



Participating artists: Matan Pinkas and Efrat Nehama, Gideon Levin, Michael Lew, Daniel Elster

May 2014, Hansen House

To Look Back

Participating artists: Ori Aloni, Reut Elad & Sagi Alter, Hili Greenfeld, Ben Shalom Davidi, Gidon Levin, Orit Mamrud, Shirel Safra, Yoav Friedlander, Yuram Kupermintz, Asaf Shani

April - May, 2015

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