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Group exhibition featuring: Tsibi Geva, Ofer Lellouche, Elad Kopler, Michele Bubacco,
Maya Bloch

Exhibition overview:

The past 18 months since January 2020 present a unique opportunity (singular, hopefully) to reexamine relations previously taken for granted – interior-exterior, work-rest, safe-dangerous, and personal-public. Global and local systems, as well as ecological and cultural structures have undergone pronounced transformation. Now, with the gradual return to “life pre-Covid” we are experiencing the reorganization of the familiar systems and patterns that existed before the global pandemic. The exhibition Regroup at Litvak Contemporary celebrates the return to a vibrant cultural and artistic world and the reorganization of the gallery space itself.

This period saw the global world withdraw into national and local, largely familial, confinement. The relations between the group and the individual seem to have been transformed; many people were isolated and spent many hours and days alone and on the internet. Couples isolated together; certain groups, such as school classes or office staff ceased to exist; the family unit suffered ups and downs. Many communities moved from the physical to the virtual world and a new type of group formed – the capsule, which from the day of its invention, as a closed and defined unit, created a structure in which each capsule member was required to take their place and detach from friends in other capsules.

Through the works in the exhibition we seek to ask questions that arise from the intersection of the delicate symbiosis within the group and the recuperation after a traumatic pandemic period. The collective fabric of the works attempts to examine in abstract and figurative means questions such as: Can a group be defined by an individual? What is the power of the group on each one of its members? How does a group develop from isolated individuals into a homogenic entity? Do the group members support or interfere with each other? The works on display become dependent on each other, shed light from one angle, criticize one another, interact internally and externally, aesthetically and ideologically. Their gathering creates a tempestuous relationship open to the interpretation of each viewer.

Dates: June - November, 2021

Venue: Litvak Contemporary

Photography: Youval Hai

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