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Group exhibition featuring:Vaclav Cigler, Julius Weiland, Michele Bubacco, Ofer Lellouche, Sara Beninga

Installation photography @Youval Hai

Videography @Aviad Fuchs

Exhibition overview:

Girotondo means round dance, the type of popular folk dance common among many societies and cultures, each with its typical style, based on the perfect circle. Round dances express a desire for a complete and harmonic arrangement of a group of people, representing thereby the for a non-hierarchical equal society. The exhibition title comes from Michele Bubacco’s monumental work, shown here for the first time.

The exhibition’s central ideas and concepts originate in the world of dance: movement, rest, rotation, and troupe. These ideas merge and reflect in the paintings and glass sculptures and indicate the relations between movement and creation – two expressive forms. Some of the works represent movement and figures uniting, others pay attention to pauses and gaps between bodies. Pina Bausch, a leading   modern dance, created works inspired by visual art. Bausch redefined the ties between art, life and dance, with human relations at the center: the difficulties and traumas they involve and the gentleness and compassion they bring to human life. Her works paved the way for unbridled dance in which the boundaries between madness and synchronization are constantly transgressed, just as in neoexpressionist art. The works in the exhibition are informed by the history of art and dance and are enmeshed in an intricate dialogue in which contradictory values coexist – physical enjoyment and spiritual elevation, unruliness and sophistication, attraction to another and fear of intimacy and attachment.

Dates: May 22 - August 18, 2022

Venue: Litvak Contemporary

Photography: Youval Hai
Videography: Aviad Fuchs

Live performace by Tami Group (Sharon Attar, Mami Shimazaki, Nimrod Freed)

Performance by Tami Group

Mamai Simazaki (dance), Sharo Attar (electric guitar)

Choreorgraohy: Nimrod Freed

FOMO Party performance

Choreography: Alma Livne

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