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An online dossier by The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Project Overview

The dossier which followed the violet events between Jews and Palestinians in mixed Israeli cities through the gender

The dossier includes 6 articles by different writers 10 artworks be female artists.

pariticpating artists: Nasrin Abu-Baker, Hili Greenfeld, Tamr Roded-Shabtay, Yael Sloma, Amira Ziyan

A crescent on a truck (by Yael Sloma), a solitude castle in abstract landscape (by Hili Greenfeld), an unknown city in the moment of explosion (by Tamar Roded-Shabtay), a dinner scene with unknown feminine diners (by Amira Ziyan), a woman under a red moon (by Nasrin Abu Baker). These are all details from the artworks, which shed light on the topic of women who live and create in mixed territories.

The artworks in this collection were all created by Israeli, Jewish, Palestinian and Druze women-artists in recent years. The artists create in the light of political, gender and local conflicts. Each artwork exposes a different gaze and may relate to a different sphere - a city, a home, an open landscape. The meeting point between the texts and the images create a new sphere, open for the reader's interpretation, which may redefine the written words.

I would like to thank the participating artists for their generous contribution to the project.

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