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Artists: Kristina Chan, Elad Kopler, Yonatan Ron, Daniella Sheinmann, Amir Tomashov

Installation photography @Youval Hai

Exhibition overview:

The geometric axiom that determines that only a single straight line passes between two points was formulated by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid. As a young child, I hoped to dispute this rigid notion, by imagining two points and stretching lines between them. I discovered that there are plenty of broken or crooked lines, I charted maps with winding paths and passages between points, but a straight line was not to be found.  

Apart from being a geometric principle, the axiom contains a graphic description that has a notional dimension concerning origin and destination and the road between them. The pen charting a line on paper creates the outline of a path, yet also creates a partition and borderline.

The works in the exhibition are set in the midst between the graphic representation of space and layered and tactile images that evoke a sense of place and time. The contrasts between line – space, map – territory, abstract and figurative representation evoke a dialectic language. This language seeks to look beyond the surface of the image to the feelings and sensations beneath the immediate appearance of the mapped image and give it depth and meaning. The space, which both the artists and the viewers contemplate and into which they pour their emotions and recollections, creates meaningful imaginary places.

Dates: December 15, 2023 - February 9, 2023

Venue: Litvak Contemporary

Photography: Youval Hai

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