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Project Overview

Manofim Festival invites you to step into artists’ working space: the studio. The artist’s studio is where inspiration becomes an idea, and like in a magic spell, thoughts come to life and take a tangible form. In contrast with display venues, in the studio, visitors do not encounter the exhibition or finished product, but get to see the raw materials, textures, sources of inspirations, and experimentations that were removed in the editing process.

​The visit to the studios will revolve around the subject of “Rituals.” During the visit, the artists will take you on a journey in which you will get to know and take part in the different rituals carried out in the studio: from small actions, like cleaning and tidying the space, to preparation work, like mixing paint and materials, to the adoption of meticulous and labor intensive artistic techniques.

This is a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain, get to know the hidden layers of the artwork, and even take part in the actual artistic action.

Curator: Hadas Glazer
Production: Tama Weiss

Assistant curator: Smadar Tsook

Manofim artistic directors: Rinat Edelstein and Lee He Shulov

Oryan Oren-Galster, Orina Cohe, Ayala Landow, Ayala Fox, Ella Cohen Vansover, Aleksandra Wilczynska, Itai Ron Gilboa, Alon Kedem, Amnon Ben-Ami, Ariane Littman, Asaf Ben Zvi and Yoram Vereté, Etti Abergel, Chana Goldberg, Gabriel Klasmer​, Dan Robert Lahian, Daniel Eichenberger, Dina Kahana Gueller, Dan Groover, Daniela Yaniv Richter, Einat Arif Galanti, Hadas Douchan, Shir Cohen, Hadassa Goldvicht, Haim Parnas & Maya Muchawsky Parnas, Hannan Abu Hussein, Talia Tokatly, Yonatan Ron, Yaniv Kuris and Sachi Piro, Yael Serlin, Yael Ruhman and Simon Krantz, Meira Una, Marek Yanai ​, Matan Ben-Tolila, Nino Biniashvili' Noa Arad-Yairi, Studio Of Her Own, Inbal Mendes-Flohr, Joshua (Shuky) Borkovsky & Avi Sabah, Cornelia Renz, Michelle Medenblik, Belle Shafir Reuven Zahavi, Revital Cohen, Renata Rivkin, Raya Bruckenthal, Shabtai Pinchevsky, Shai Zoulay, Sagit Mezamer, Sara Benninga, Sharon Balaban with Karam Natour, Tamar Lewinsohn, Tamar Shippony, Tinofireyi Zhou, Wanja Schaub

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